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Wednesday, 9 May 2018


Is there such a thing as a normal family? Marriage , divorce, single parents, stepparents, adoption, living with the grandparents, fostering, alternative lifestyle -just as we individually are all unique, so too are our families. Normality,  when it comes to families, is being different.

Families come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. However, a family is put together, it is God’s desire that we are supported and cared for by people who love us.

The writer of Psalm 128 believes that children are a sign of blessing from God; that God uses families as way of showing how  he cares for each of us; and that if God is at the heart of the household, the house can become a home.

Questions to Consider
  • Why do you think the writer of Psalm believes families are important?
  • What part of your family are similar to your friends? How is it different? Is the difference a good or bad thing?

Further reading
  • Joshua 24:14-15
  • Ephesian 6:1-4

Extra Fact
  • The Gospel of Luke is the longest New Testament book, with 1,151 verses and the book of Acts which Luke also wrote is not far behind. Since Luke was a doctor, a simple prescription probably took reams of paper!



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