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Wednesday, 25 April 2018


1. " In other not for you to be liability in life  you must be able to take responsibility. Do not leave what you can do today till tomorrow. For whatever you left undone today will become a liabity for you to do tomorrow. " - [ Adewale Osunsakin, 2018 ]

2. " Your gift is your lift, your is passion is your mission and your success is your greatness. Your gift will get you started,  your passion will make you to continue and your greatness is the reward of success " - [ Adewale Osunsakin, 2018 ]

3. " Ideas are network of creativity, visions are concept of originality and your knowledge is behind your reality " -[ Adewale Osunsakin, 2018 ]

Tuesday, 24 April 2018


  1. “ Life is all about risk. So take calculated when risk when you should. Don’t entertain the fear of venturing into new things that can make your life better provided it does contain the element of cheating, manipulation and deception. Do not cheat for you not to be cheated “ - [ Adewale Osunsakin]

  1. “The times are hard and challenges abound, but no champion ever emerges without having overcome challenges. Perseverance is an indepensabe tool for a successful life.”  - [ Adewale Osunsakin, ]

  1. “ Outstanding success can only be achieved through deliberate efforts. Opportunity don't come by chance it is a reward of meticulous hard work.” - [ Osunsakin Adewale ]

Monday, 23 April 2018


  1. “ Business grows when the workers are busy handling the work like theirs and boss reward each worker at when due. Motivation is the major factor affecting organizational growth” - [ Adewale Osunsakin]

  1. “ Teachers are mirrors which the students look on and appear like manner several years later” - [ Adewale Osunsakin]

  1. “Greatness comes not so easy, it is a work of intelligent  beginning. Craftiness is not build in a day ,it is designed when you reduild, reconstruct and redesign.” - [ Adewale Osunsakin ]

  1. “ Think , rethink and think, then you begin to do the extra ordinary. To do the extra ordinary , you must think creatively. Your thinking faculty is your reasoning capacity “ - [ Adewale Osunsakin ]

Tuesday, 20 March 2018


1. " The way you spend each hour of the day either adds to your success or multiply your failure" -Osunsakin Adewale

2. " Anyone who wastes time wastes life , for success and life are made of time "- Osunsakin Adewale

3. " In time take time when doeth lost;  for time is no time , when time is past can never relapsed " - Osunsakin Adewale

4. " All the treasures of the earth will not bring back one lost moment for lost opportunities are difficult to regain " - Osunsakin Adewale

5. " Each day in your life is a day in your story. Hour by hour time departs . No day should pass without good things being done. Don't delay add golden blocks to your castle of success. Never push till tomorrow " - Osunsakin Adewale

6. "  In life , there are many things that are good but some things are more important than others. Only one thing can be best per time. Many things are good but one thing can be best per time " - Osunsakin Adewale

7. " You cannot have two best friends a wedding for only one best man exists in wedding " - Osunsakin Adewale 

8. " There is no difficult subject. Scholars only fear what do not know and what they have not spent time to learn. The easiest way to learn a difficult subject is to make more time for that subject . Increase more time to study difficult subjects. " - Osunsakin Adewale 

9. " When it comes to the availability of time , all fingers are perfectly equal. Everyone has twenty hours in a day to spend " - Osunsakin Adewale

10. " Every year is a golden opportunity , each year contains 12 golden opportunities known as the 12 months and every month contains 28/29 , 30/31 golden opportunities which are called days. There are 24 hours in a day and each one of these hours can be turned to gold and silver " - Osunsakin Adewale 

Thursday, 8 March 2018


1.0 " Success is not a bed of roses, to be successful in life you must strife to cross all the hurdles of failure " - Adewale Osunsakin

2.0 " Today's failure is tomorrow's success; failure is not the end of the lane. It is just a pointer that you need to think more critically. " - Adewale Osunsakin

3.0 " When you fail you learn more howbeit, there is learning in failing." - Osunsakin Adewale

4.0 " Do not compare your success with others because you do not know the sacrifice they have paid inwardly " - Adewale Osunsakin

5.0 " Success is not determined by labour but a reward of favour " - Adewale Osunsakin 

6.0 " Do not always expect success , success or failure are to end results of a vision " -Adewale Osunsakin

7.0 " Success is insatiable , you always linger for success in every journey of life. It is only a fool that don't " -Adewale Osunsakin

 8.0 " Success is not measured by wealth , it is measured by the number of lives you have changed "- Adewale Osunsakin

9.0 " The level of your trust in God will determine your level of success in life " - Adewale Osunsakin

10.0 " There is happiness in success and there is sadness in failure " - Adewale Osunsakin. 



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