Tuesday, 21 August 2018


According to Deuteronomy 28: 1-3 and 13-14; there is a Covenant that God has made that He will take His children to the top. That He will set them above, lift them high, be the head and not the tail, be above only and never beneath. Because He is the Almighty God. nothing will stop you from reaching the top. I choose to be at the top; I will not be stopped by the Grace of God and I will reach the Top.

In the beginning, God created man to be in dominion. Some emphasis here is that God has made you to have dominion over all the works God has created. But we lost that position because of sin - Psalms 8:6.

Nothing can be more clearer than this: God made man to be at the top. But according to the scriptures, we lost the position and it became a problem. How do we lose it? It was as a result of sin. If sin can made Adam to lose his dominion; why is it then not possible to make you lose your own dominion too?

Many of the doctrines today are hell bent to bring you down. They kept on telling us that committing sin does not matter. The scriptures says that righteousness exalts a Nation but sin is a reproach to a Nation. This simply means that righteousness will exalt a man but sin will bring the man down.

If there is anything you must run away from in order to get to the top; it is sin.Mankind is made by God to be God's offspring but sin makes you to lose it. But thank God that through Jesus Christ, there is hope for you and I.

For those of us who love to keep our sins and be enjoying it; we are simply securing a place for ourselves at the bottom of the ladder. No form of unrighteousness can promote you.

In the book of John 8:34; Jesus Christ said: Verily, verily I say unto you, whosoever committeth sin is the servant of sin. Sin dominates people and put them down but righteousness lifts a man up.

When God called the children of Israel, He has a covenant with them that if they diligently do what is right in His sight and obey His instructions; He said that He will set them on high above all Nations.

I stooped trying and attempting to climb to the top when it suddenly dawned on me that it is not my duty.

... My duty is to love God, obey Him, obey His instructions, wins souls over for Him and serve Him with all my hearts and it is the duty of God to lift me up.

Satan therefore knows that as long as am serving God, He will lift me up. So Satan said that what can I do? Let me deceived them, mislead them and tell them that there is nothing wrong if they can enjoy sin a bit.

That was exactly the same thing that he (Satan) told Samson, Mannaseh and Saul. Listen to me, whatever made you to disobey God will also make you to disbelief Him.

... Unbelief leads to disobedience but those who believed God will have Faith. If God says that sinners will go to hell and you are saying that you doubt it then you are making God a liar.

Disobedience transforms to unbelief. The same thing that made you to disobey God today will make you struggle to breakthrough because you are disobedient. God has promised to set you up and make you to be the head. Why then are we disobeying Him?

When you are in obedience with God, He will set you up the same way He set up David, Joshua and Elijah. When you made up your mind that to obey God without questioning Him, God will set you up.

Are you under my voice here tonight and you are toiling with sin? You used  to be fervent serving God before but now you are back to your secret sins and comprise your faith. Your spirit asked you to stop but you said No this is better!

Incomplete Obedience made Saul to lose the throne God gave to him as God sees it as a rebellious act. God asked me to tell you that with all these secret sins in your life and Satan telling you that it does not matter. All of these will not allow you to get to the top - nothing short of obedience will take you to the top. God will set you on high and nothing can bring you down.

Since the day that I know my duties and responsibilities and God's responsibilities; then I said that I will concentrate on my responsibilities and God will concentrate on His own responsibilities too.

I have a God News for you tonight that God will set you up.

When God is lifting you up, whoever is trying to pull you down, God will keep them down. Whoever is standing on your way will give way.

But I will like you tonight to be like a Prodigal son: born as a Prince in Luke 15:11; but sin kept on keeping him down. After he has spent all that he took away from home; he became so much improvised to the extent that he was looking for the food meant for pigs to eat.

Ask Samson, sin kept on seducing him until his status changed to being blind, bounded and later became a prisoner..

Why must you lose your eyes before you returned to God?

There is a Covenant from God to lift you up. We don't need to negotiate it; whether the devil like it or not. All those people who are fighting the Church and fighting any Believer, they will crash before you.

Why am I so confident of this? God said that He will be the One to fight your enemies Himself.

Today, I will give you the opportunity especially for those who have given chance to sin, not serving God with all their hearts, struggling and pretending; I have a Good News for you that all you need to do is just to surrender to God.

There was this man that used to get drunken everyday but his wife was a committed Christian. Anytime that there is Revival in her Church, the wife will invite her husband; he will come in drunk, misbehaving and they will send him out with Policeman assistance. However in one of the days that he came in for Revival, he came in drunk as usual; he kept on hearing that all you need to do is just to belief in the Name of Jesus and be saved. When the altar call was made, he find his way to the front and used the revelation that he got to just call on the Name of Jesus Christ. He simply said: Jesus I have called your Name, come and saved me. That was the last day/time that be struggled with alcohol and sin again. Every other Revival days, he will go to call his former drunkard friends to come to Jesus and be saved.

How many of you want to call on the Name of Jesus Christ tonight? Going to the Top is a thing of choice as well going to the bottom is a thing of choice. Samson made a choice.

Disobedience will ground you while Obedience will take you to the Top. God wants to remove somebody tonight from the chains of sins and bondages and set him up high there.

If you want and ready to call on the Name tonight tonight in order to break lose from the bondage;  then start coming now and come quickly in the process. My God will set you free and destroy all yokes from off your neck. As you call on His Name today, He will set you free. So I will count from 1 to 15 now. There is Deliverance in Zion and a Chain Breaker is available there too. His Name is JESUS ... so come now and call on His Name.

Even if you are a backslider come out of your struggles so that the Lord can set you free tonight. As you come say to Him that today is my day of freedom. Now is the hour of my freedom. I must go to the top and will not be the tail.

Ezekiel 37:10, “So I prophesied as he commanded me, and the breath came into them, and they lived, and stood up on their feet, an exceeding great army.”

This harvest will produce such a great army that the earth has never seen. This army comes forth to execute the mandate of the Father for the Church. Everything that conflicts with the destiny of the Church will be pulverised by this army.

“That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit.” Jn. 3:6

Everyone born of the Spirit is spirit, yet the flesh does not cease to manifest. This army will bring to an end the era of flesh in its sinful nature. It will wipe out of the Church flesh and all its manifestations that the era of the Spirit might be dominant in the Church.

This army comes forth to execute the mandate of the Father for creation. Romans 8:19, “For the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God.” Romans 8:20, “For the creature was made subject to vanity, not willingly, but by reason of him who has subjected the same in hope,” Romans 8:21, “Because the creature itself also shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God.”

This army shall break the age-long hold of corruption over creation and shall manifest the glorious liberty of the sons of God through the finished works of Christ. Creation shall be ushered into this glory.

It’s an army of truth. Everything in the Church that does not agree with truth is flushed out, no matter how long it has been and regardless of the multitudes that might have embrassed it. The army is a carrier of truth, the Truth – CHRIST. The Lord executes His end-time mandate through this great army.  Jesus said, “...Every one that is of the truth heareth my voice.” Jn. 18:37

Christ is revealing this exceedingly great army this end-time and as many as are of the truth will hear His voice again through them.

This army is presently scattered all over the world, being prepared by the Lord for the final harvest in their various closets. Though scattered, yet united in the spirit for the purpose of their day. Their manifestation will shake the earth, for it is a new season in the agenda of God for man.
All the workings of the Spirit in this army shall manifest in the Church and the end-time Church shall be revealed as God's end-time army of power and of glory.  As many who belong to this army know themselves and I say to you by the Word of the Lord, “Arise, take hold of your weapons of truth and righteousness, and march forth. The time is NOW.”

In the Name of Jesus, your sins are forgiven. In the Name of Him that died and rose up again you are set free. In the Name of Jesus you are set free from the yokes of sins and bad habits. As from today, you are free. From now on, you will live a life of God and you will be Victorious. The Lord will lift you up and not below.

From now on, you will go higher. All your enemies, God will destroy them. From now on, it shall be well with you, the Peace of God will be in your life and Give will give you Victory. Glory be to God. In Jesus Name we have prayed.

... Let me be the first to congratulate you -  Welcome to the "Family of God" and from now on, your life will never be the same again.

The Lord will reveal you in glory and will use you to draw others out of darkness into this great light of His glory in Jesus Name.

Say with me: Lord Jesus I call on your Name; set me free. My Lord and my God; thank you for sending Jesus Christ to save me from my sin as I have no Power to save myself - have tried and failed. But it is only you that can save me as it is written in your Word that anyone that call on your Name shall be saved. I have called on your Name today, Jesus please save my soul, deliver me oh Lord and set me free. I accept you Jesus as my Lord and Saviour.

I confess that you are my Lord. I turned away from my sins and received forgiveness. Thank you for forgiving me and saving my soul. I believed that you died for my sins and now I declare Jesus Christ as Lord over my life. Therefore, Satan and sin will no longer have Power over me. Thank you Father for saving me today; in Jesus Name - Amen!

... See you at the Top!!!

Thank you so much for reading.


Work is honourable. Developing the capacity to do work will help you contribute to the world in which you live. It will bring you increased sense of worth. It will bless you and your family, both now and in the future. Learning to work begins in the home. Help your family by willingly participating in the work necessary to maintain a home. Learn early to handle your money wisely and live within your means. Follow the teachings of the prophets by paying your tithing, avoiding debt, and saving for future.

Set high goals for yourself, and wiling to work hard to achieve them. Develop self-discipline, and be dependable. Do your best in your Church callings, schoolwork, employment, and other worthwhile pursuits. Young men should be willing to do what is needed to be prepared to serve a full-time mission. Heavenly Father has given you gifts and talents and knows what you are capable of achieving. Seek His help and guidance as you work to achieve your goals. The Lord has commanded us not to be idle. Idleness can lead to inappropriate behaviour, damaged relationships, and sin.

One form of idleness is spending excessive amounts of time in activities that keep you from productive work , such as using the internet, playing video games, and watching television. Do not waste your time and money gambling. Gambling is wrong and should not used as form of entertainment. It is addictive and can lead to lost opportunities, ruined lives, and broken homes. It is false to believe that you can get something for nothing.

One of the blessings of work is developing self-reliance. When you are self-reliant, you use the blessings and abilities God has given you to care for yourself and to find solutions for your own problems. Self-reliance does not mean that you must be able to do all things on your own. To be truely self-reliant, you must learn how to work with others and turn to the Lord for His help and strength. Remember that God has great work for you to do. He will bless you in your efforts to accomplish that work.
Now, “Once there was a man who was about to leave home on a trip; he called his servants and put them in charge of his property. He gave to each one according to his ability: to one he gave five thousand gold coins, to another he gave two thousand, and to another he gave one thousand. Then he left on his trip” (Matthew 25:14-15 GNT).

Jesus says in Matthew 25:14-15, “Once there was a man who was about to leave home on a trip; he called his servants and put them in charge of his property. He gave to each one according to his ability: to one he gave five thousand gold coins, to another he gave two thousand, and to another he gave one thousand. Then he left on his trip” (GNT).

In those days there weren’t any banks, so when this rich man left for his long trip, he entrusted his property to his servants. When he returned, he asked for an account from the servants; he wanted to know what they had done with his money.

This is called stewardship — it is related to the old English word for “manager.” The first law of financial freedom is the law of possession: Everything you have belongs to God. You are only a manager!

We are called to be stewards of our time. We are called to be stewards of our influence. We are called to be stewards of our health, our relationships, and our opportunities. God calls you to be steward or manager of everything you have.

You may say, “But wait a minute! I worked for my money, and now you want to tell me it isn’t mine?” Where do you think you got your body to work for your money? Where do you think you got your mind to work for it? Where do you think you got the energy to work for it? Where do you think you got the intelligence to work for it? Everything you have is a gift from God. You don’t really own anything in life; it’s all on loan.

You only get to use God’s money while you’re here on Earth. He’s loaned it to you for a few decades. He loaned it to somebody before you, and he’s going to loan it to somebody else after you die. You don’t own it; the Master owns it all. It’s all under management.

Do you know what the sign is that you’ve forgotten the law of possession? When you think your money is yours, you worry about it. You feel a pressure and stress that you weren’t meant to have.

Money management is a spiritual discipline. God is actually watching how you handle his money to see what spiritual riches he can trust you with in heaven. This might make you feel pressure, but there is actually freedom in the law of possession.

When you remember that God is the owner and you are the manager, you’ll worry a whole lot less and focus more on managing God’s money well.


[1] Pope On Sexual Abuse: We Showed No Care For The Little Ones
Pope Francis has publicly acknowledged the failures of the Roman Catholic church in dealing with sexual abuse by priests, attacking a “culture of death” and deferential “clericalism” that helps perpetuate evil. An unprecedented letter from “His Holiness Pope Francis to the People of God” was issued after almost a week of mounting pressure following the publication of an excoriating report into abuse by priests in Pennsylvania.

According to a Vatican official, it is the first time a pope has written to all of the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics about sexual abuse. The letter opens with an acknowledgement of suffering endured by children and abuse of power. Francis admits the church has failed to “act in a timely manner” and promises zero tolerance and sanctions. “We have realised that these wounds never disappear and that they require us forcefully to condemn these atrocities and join forces in uprooting this culture of death,” he said.

He added: “It is essential that we, as a church, be able to acknowledge and condemn, with sorrow and shame, the atrocities perpetrated by consecrated persons, clerics, and all those entrusted with the mission of watching over and caring for those most vulnerable. Let us beg forgiveness for our own sins and the sins of others.”
[2] Bridge Collapse: Genoa Death Toll  Rises to 43
Rescue workers in Italy have found the bodies of three more people in the wreckage of Genoa's collapsed motorway bridge, bringing the death toll to 43.

Three members of the same family were recovered from a crushed car on Sunday. They were the last people reported missing from Tuesday's tragedy.

A 200m (656ft) section of the Morandi bridge suddenly fell 45m, along with dozens of vehicles in busy traffic. The collapse has led to a fierce debate about Italy's infrastructure.

The company that operated the bridge has set up a fund for victims' families. The government has set up a commission to examine the causes of the disaster. On Saturday Italian President Sergio Mattarella and PM Giuseppe Conte led a state funeral for 18 of the victims in Genoa.

[3]Spanish Police Shoot Algerian Man Dead as He Tries to Attack Officers with Knife Near Barcelona
Man armed with a knife was shot dead by police when he tried to attack officers near Barcelona. Spanish police said the man entered the police station in Cornella, in the north-eastern region of Catalonia, at just before 5 am BST on Monday "with the aim of attacking the agents". A spokesman refused to comment on local media reports that the man was from Algeria and had shouted "Allahu akbar" (God is greatest) during the attack.

The attacker was a 29-year-old Algerian resident in Cornella with Spanish identity documents. "A man armed with a knife entered the police station in Cornella to attack the officers. The attacker was shot," the Catalonia regional police said.

Last Friday, Barcelona commemorated the first anniversary of an Islamist assault in which a young man drove a van down a busy central boulevard, killing 14 and injuring over 100 in Spain's worst attack in more than a decade. The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant claimed responsibility for the attacks.

[4]Apple’s Amsterdam store evacuated after iPad battery explodes
Apple's Amsterdam store has been evacuated and temporarily closed after an iPad battery exploded and released potentially harmful substances into the air.

As reported by iCulture, Apple employees secured the iPad and punctured battery in a container of sand after it exploded.

Due to the chemicals potentially released, the store has been closed as firefighters work to ventilate the space and clear out any harmful vapors.

Although not related with this iPad battery explosion, as Apple started its iPhone battery replacement program we've seen a few more incidences like this over the past months.

Like today's incident, fortunately those also didn't see any major injuries, but Apple employees did sustain minor burns.

[5]Years after Mylan’s epic EpiPen price hikes, it finally gets a generic rival
Both products are used in emergency situations to auto-inject a dose of epinephrine into a person's thigh to thwart deadly allergic reactions, namely anaphylactic shock.

In step, Mylan CEO Heather Bresch saw her salary soar by millions, reaching nearly $19 million in 2015-a point lawmakers hammered her for during a House Oversight Committee hearing in September of 2016.

Since then, other makers have made different types of epinephrine auto-injectors, most notably Adrenaclick and the pricy Auvi-Q, but they work differently from EpiPen and can't be used interchangeably like a generic version.

In a statement, FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb trumpeted the approval as a win in the effort to drag down skyrocketing drug costs: Today's approval of the first generic version of the most-widely prescribed epinephrine auto-injector in the U.S. is part of our longstanding commitment to advance access to lower cost, safe and effective generic alternatives once patents and other exclusivities no longer prevent approval.

They only provided a written statement: Today's approval of our generic version of EpiPen(epinephrine injection, USP) Auto-Injector 0.3 mg and 0.15 mg in the US marks an important step forward in bringing patients additional prescription medications that have met the FDA's rigorous standards.

[6]Workhorse brings an electric pickup truck, helicopter to Manhattan
I wasn't sure entirely what I expected an electric helicopter to look like, but what I found waiting for me at New York's Flatiron Plaza wasn't it.

(During our conversation, Burns mused about the prospect of using a drone to deliver burgers from a nearby Shake Shack to a 25th-floor balcony on one of the buildings that overlooked the plaza.)

The electric power system also allows the helicopter to lose its large central blade and tail rotors while gaining a drone-like configuration of four arms that end with two counter-rotating propellers.

They're what allow the SureFly to remain stable even if it's got a heavy pilot on one side and no passenger on the other, which forces the pilot-side propellers to work much harder.

The counter-rotation also cancels out the forces generated by the rapidly rotating blades, which eliminates the need for the tail rotor (Burns said getting rid of the tail can cut the overall energy use by up to 20 percent).

Monday, 20 August 2018


[1] Bale Stars as Real Madrid Ease Past Getafe
Real Madrid begun their first LaLiga campaign under Julen Lopetegui with a 2-0 win over Getafe at the Santiago Bernabeu.

In the first league game since Cristiano Ronaldo's departure to Juventus, Gareth Bale seized his chance to impress, setting up Dani Carvajal for the opening goal before scoring the second himself after the break.

Lopetegui suffered a 4-2 defeat to rivals Atletico Madrid in the UEFA Super Cup in his first competitive game in charge, but a 10th league win in a row over Getafe looked likely once Carvajal broke the deadlock.

Madrid, who started Keylor Navas over Thibaut Courtois in goal, were not quite firing on all cylinders but never looked likely to throw away a result given Getafe did not manage a shot until the 69th minute.

Bale, starting wide on the right, hit the bar with a diving header early on before Carvajal made it 1-0 20 minutes in, nodding the ball over David Soria after the keeper had punched Bale's cross half-clear.

Getafe handed them a second goal six minutes after the restart, when Bale's shot was parried into the net by Soria after Marco Asensio had stolen the ball from centre-back Djene Dakonam, giving Lopetegui a satisfactory start to life in the top flight.

[2]Pogba Slams Man United Attitude After Brighton Loss
Manchester United star Paul Pogba has accused his team-mates of not showing the right attitude after falling to a 3-2 defeat to Brighton .

Having started the Premier League season with an unconvincing victory over Leicester City, United's limitations were shown up on Sunday.

Glen Murray, Shane Duffy and Pascal Gross did the damage for Brighton in the first half, with Romelu Lukaku scoring the Red Devils' only goal before the break. Pogba added some respectability to the scoreline in injury time from the penalty spot, but he was not happy with the performance.

"We lost, we did not deserve to win," he said .

"The attitude we had was not like we wanted to beat them, they had more hunger than us. "I put myself first, my attitude wasn’t right enough, we keep trying and pushing, and it is going to be a big lesson for us."

When asked about a disastrous first-half display, Pogba refused to state whether manager Jose Mourinho was at fault.

[3]Real Madrid Record Lowest La Liga Attendance in 10 Years
The post-Cristiano Ronaldo era at Real Madrid began the way the pre-Cristiano Ronaldo era ended, with a half-full Santiago Bernabeu.

Goals from Dani Carvajal and Gareth Bale against Getafe got Julen Lopetegui's side off to the perfect start in the 2018-19 La Liga season, but the lack of home fans was as conspicious as the absence of their former talisman.

Just 48,466 people came through the turnstiles for the first home game of the season, which should have attracted both hardcore fans and football tourists to see some of the biggest names in world football.

The last time, Real played in front of such a paltry Santiago Bernabeu crowd was the final home game of the 2008-09 season, which came during a five-game losing streak that was started by the historic 6-2 Clasico defeat to Pep Guardiola's Barcelona, who had both Thierry Henry and Lionel Messi scoring braces.

[4] Bayern President: 50-50 Chance Boateng Moves to PSG
Jerome Boateng has a "50-50" chance of leaving Bayern Munich and could join Paris Saint-Germain, the German club's president Uli Hoeness has said.

Germany international Boateng, 29, has spent the past seven seasons in Bavaria but Hoeness has revealed the centre-back informed chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge of his wish to leave amid reports of interest from the French side and negotiations with Manchester United.

Rummenigge revealed last month that PSG had made contact with the defender, but said there had been no negotiations between the two teams.

PSG signed have already signed one German defender this week in the form of Thilo Kehrer from Schalke, but Hoeness believes Boateng could also be bound for the French capital.

"The chances of a transfer are 50-50," Hoeness said in an interview

"Jerome told Karl-Heinz Rummenigge that he wants to move. If the player wants to leave and we have alternatives, then you have to deal with them.

"I think it's Paris [Saint-Germain that are interested]. Loaning is only possible if there is an offer to buy next year."

[5]Morata Never Considered Chelsea Exit
Alvaro Morata wants to establish himself as Chelsea's main man after insisting he never considered leaving Stamford Bridge.

Morata only scored one top-flight goal after the turn of the year as speculation over his Chelsea future intensified amid links with Serie A and La Liga.

But the 25-year-old Spain international, who was left out of the country's World Cup squad, was on target in Chelsea's 3-2 win over London rivals Arsenal in Premier League action on Saturday.

Former Real Madrid and Juventus forward Morata is determined to change things at Chelsea following Maurizio Sarri's arrival.

"There was never a thought for me to leave. For me, it's easy. I could have gone back to Spain or Italy, all the people believe in me there but I want to change all the things here," Morata said.

"I want to, not for all the haters, but for me and for Chelsea."

"I am looking forward to buying a house and I can't wait for the babies to grow up to put them into school," Morata added.

[6]‬New Look Inter Milan Shocked By Sassuolo
Inter's expensively assembled squad were dealt a heavy dose of reality in a 1-0 defeat at Sassuolo in their Serie A season opener on Sunday.

Punishment came in the shape of Domenico Berardi's 27th-minute penalty and it was all a counter-attacking Sassuolo needed to notch a seventh victory in 11 league meetings between the pair.

The Nerazzurri's highly anticipated attacking partnership of Mauro Icardi and Lautaro Martinez failed to threaten, with the injured Radja Nainggolan sure to be rushed back as soon as possible to shore up an unsteady midfield.

Spalletti's decision to name four new signings in his starting XI came at the cost of early organisation with only Samir Handanovic's outstretched left boot preventing Mehdi Bourabia from netting a third-minute opener.

The hosts did not have to wait long for a deserved lead, though, as Berardi converted from the spot in the 27th minute, Miranda having clumsily bundled over Federico Di Francesco.

Ivan Perisic stepped off the bench at the break but it was Matteo Politano who looked the most likely to conjure an equaliser against his former side, the winger flashing a fierce drive across the face on the hour.

Clearer chances soon came at both ends with Kevin Prince-Boateng brushing the outside of the near post with a clever first-time effort, before Icardi side-footed a low Perisic cross over the bar.

[7]Sarri Considering Giving Up Smoking at Chelsea
Maurizio Sarri smirked as he revealed that he is giving up smoking cigarettes, having been repeatedly questioned on his habit since moving to Chelsea.

UK law has banned smoking in a variety of venues including in football stadiums, restricting the head coach from smoking during match days. Sarri took his first home game on Saturday seeing his side run out 3-2 winners against Arsenal in the London derby.

The former Napoli coach was asked whether he wanted a cigarette as Chelsea struggled at the end of the second half, but indicated that now may be the time for him to give up smoking.

"No I needed half-time and the first half to end, not a cigarette," Sarri told reporters. "I am going to stop for just one or two years then I will start again.

"Inside there were 15 minutes that were horrible. We lost ground, we were not able to press, we were not able to defend, we were really in trouble. I think in the second half, we did very well from our mental point of view.

"It was really very hard to answer about the last part of the first half. I prefer to speak about the other 75 minutes, it is better. I remember better the good things instead of the worst."



According to Deuteronomy 28: 1-3 and 13-14; there is a Covenant that God has made that He will take His children to the top. That He wil...